Princess life

My fashion dolls! When you guys read this, this girl is living her dream; running from shoot to shoot, show to show, meeting to meeting and so we can go on. Sometimes I still think that I'm dreaming my life, you know... I'm so blessed with all the opportunities I get at my twentieth age. That's why I wanna show you a look that describe my dream!

 We did shoot this look before a show in Grand Palais (during fashion week a few weeks ago), this place is really special for me because; first I was always dreaming about seeing a Chanel show real life in this building. Who doesn't dream about this? So always when I was at Paris I drank some wine or coffee in the restaurant upstairs to feel the atmosphere, till the day I got an invitation for the Chanel show. What me who get an invitation for Chanel? I still don't believe it, but sometimes girls like me need luck right?! This look is going about a kind of same story, a girl who always dreamed of becoming a princess and one day she became.

''The ones who can dream, can achieve.''
The look: Fur Fendi, Dress H&M, Necklace Lulu & Earrings ChrisvandenElzen.

Photographer: Marjon Sars