Shoot: Another love

What is love? Is it really something we all need, or is it something that we can call desire? Well all those questions are always in my head, every person has around the 40000 thoughts pro day... If you ask a doctor he would said Michelle has around the 100000, sometimes it is handful, but you can imagine sometimes it makes you crazy. Well that's me, every person is beautiful in the way he/ she is right? We have to take care for yourself, because there are so many things that can destroy us. Every day is a new lesson and a step closer to death, make it the best you want. And even when I don't really believe in love, doesn't this mean that I never find somebody. I always ask myself when I met someone, will he still love me when I'm no longer young & beautiful? Or should he leave me for someone prettier or funnier? One thing is for sure; when I find my one, I will never let him go.

I will love you 'til the end of time
I would wait a million years
Promise you'll remember that you're mine
Baby can you see through the tears
Love you more
Than those bitches before
Photographer:Ian Freelance
MUA: Megan de Pagter
Hair: Eva Weidner