Shoot: girls can't life without hats

Hi guys! Today I wanna show you guys a shoot that I did a few weeks ago. When I was ''young'' I was already a hat addict, maybe because I'm an old soul I don't know? I was always showing my granny's hats, heels and gloves, at those moments I felt so classy, sexy and glamorous. It feels like yesterday, what a beautiful times... Since that moment my hat addicted became worse, yes I'm addicted! Not only hats, just everything that with fashion has to do. You don't wanna see my wardrobe really I can open my own store haha! Quote: I like my money right where I can see it, hanging in my closet. Yep totally true for me!

Today I have a lovely fitting with some beautiful dresses, I guess you guys saw already on my social media. Feel like a reall princess today(blessed), but where is my prince?! Well more about it soon. The coming days I have some shoots, important meetings, styling jobs and preparations for some shows. Oh yes and even two lovely parties, who is in? Well see you guys, I have to make myself ready and today I have like ''dilemma day''. Don't know what to do with my makeup, what I should put on... Mmm anybody help me? Let me know what you think about this shoot.

Big kiss

'' A hat can change your life forever.''
Photographer: Jeannette Grotenhuis
Designer: Daffy de Vyldre
MUA: Dorry Derks