To the world

Hi guysss! Just a quick post today. After meetings with some designers, agency's and business partners I found some time to write this post, when I'm on my way to my next shoot. Today I have another shoot and well yes I'm the model + stylist (always a hard job, to do two things at the same time). Because when you know me I always do something 2000%! After the shoot I have a dinner and two more meetings, busy days here. Yes this month is crazy, no time for rest after Easter (don't need it anyway, because I got enough energy for the coming weeks). What are you guys been up to?

Now about the look; today I had to travel a lot, so this look is a bit ''comfy'' (dungarees always suits well, even when you have a 14 hours flight). Make the look compleet with a long oversized blouse (totally my style), fur (it was a little bit cold today), beanie, glasses (to look a bit ''nerdy/ smart'') and some heels to shine the whole day. I call this look; playful, boyish with a nerdy touch.  What you guys think about this look? Now I have to run, my photographer is waiting. See you dolls, big KISS.

''To the world: doing my things, like it or not.''
 The look: Dungarees Zara, Shoes H&M, Glasses Vintage, Fur Vintage, Beanie Evan, Bag Chanel, Blouse BlackFive, Top Takko & Rings H&M.

Photographer: Anneliese van Buren