Two reasons

Hi hunzz! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far. Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, so many hectic days here... Anyway, I just came back from a lovely shooting day and at the moment I'm packing my suitcases. Always a big problem this, because I wanna take my whole wardrobe... Yep that's me;) The coming 3 days I have shows, so travelling and running a lot. You know how it goes right? Fashion life, shine whole day, party, travel and sleep less as you can. What are your plans coming days?

Today I wanna show you guys some pics from the last shoot. I really adore this outfit, it is classy, sexy and very elegant. Crop tops are always good for the summer, even those pants (you look smaller and taller). More pics from this shoot are coming soon, so stay tuned! Now I have to pack my stuff and take some rest early call tomorrow. Much love dalls!

''People change for two reasons. Either you learn enough, that you want to or you have been hurt enough that you have to. Trust nobody.''
The look: Top Uzuri-Couture, Pants Zara, Shoes Louboutin & Necklace H&M.

 Photographer: Leroy Dassen
MUA: Megan de Pagter
Hair: Eva Weidner