Work isn't work

Hi guyssss! Today I quick post, because I'm busy as hell. Some people always think a fashion life is glamorous... Okay most of the times it is, but it is also very hard working. Running from meeting to meeting, going to agency's, picking up clothes for shoots, bringing the clothes back and so we can go on and on. As a stylist you are most of your time travelling from place to place, location to location and running from shoot to shoot. You are just like an artist, you have to think about all the sides, so you client is satisfied! This is really really important. The styles are always different and you have to make sure they like it. Today I show you guys some clothes, some of the pieces you already saw on Supongo Estilo and some are reserved for another styling job. Aw give me those clothes please I'm totally in love! What are the things you like the most of your job? Have a lovely day guys. Kissss

''If you love your work, work doesn't feel like work.''