Find a home

Why do we miss home when we are on the open road? And why we feel homesick when we get home? Is it just human nature? Or is it just something weird that is only in my head? 
Why time flies when you are on the road and stand still when we are back home?

The people we meet on our own journey, was this already planned? And why it sometimes feels like we know a person for a long time even when we meet him/her for the first time?

Why do we people live at a place that even doesn't feel like home? Can we travel our whole life? Or shall we ever find a place like ''home''?

''Travel is the only freedom we people have, until we find our real home. Even if we don't wanna have a home and stay a gypsy forever.''
       Photographer & Designer Tylo Vervoort
Muah: Dorry Derks