Modern fairy

Sometimes we people fall in love at the wrong moment, wrong place or time. Maybe it is just human nature? A few years ago this girl believed in true love, that you only met one ''one''. During the past few years her opinion changed, maybe we only meet once the one, but how do we know? Or maybe it depends on the life that you are living, or at the place you be? We all know people change for reasons and maybe now you ask yourself why her opinion changed?

Fly back a year ago, where she met a guy who was totally her type at the ''city of love'' (Paris). Same: profession, branche, future plans, fun, intelligence, interest and so we can go on and on... Then you ask yourself what went wrong?

Maybe because she had fear of commitment, or was just too young. Every night I pray that I can see him again, that we could make love again. Why I let you go? Will you ever forgive me? Every night I wish you could kiss and touch me again. I know I could give up on us, because it hurts, but I also know that I could give you everything you want and that it was true love. I will travel the world for finding you, even if you find your ''one''. You only miss somebody, when he/she is gone. Gone forever...

"I had a dream I was dying, but you was not there. The only thing I wish is to be with you one last night.''
The look: Crown KitschKitchen, Cober Chanel, Belt H&M, Blouse Takko, Shoes Alysa & Skirt Takko

Photographer: Jennifer Penders