Moment for life

Sometimes girls like me life in a dream, not a real dream you know... Just some things that happen in our life look like a dream, does this sounds regular to you? For me it definitely does! Maybe we we didn't notice it in the first moment, because time moves fast, really fast when you enjoy. Then when the clock ticks 12 hour and you still wear that dress, you notice it was for real.

Somebody told me once; ''A dress can change your life forever, or just a night.'' Well this is definitely true! Because of clothes we people can be who we want. Isn't this one of the most beautiful things in life? How many people hide themself, or their inner self? People are like followers and some dare to be different, but we are all... And that make people just beautiful the way they are.

What can we tell about luck during a moment for life? Luck is also very dangerous, because it may be over in just a moment. Weird, but definitely true... That's why we have to enjoy ever single moment for life. Okay maybe this sounds more easy than it really is, but we all can try right? Just enjoy, have fun, be wild and just take a moment for yourself. Feel blessed for the things you have and look forward to the things that are coming.

Believe in dreams, because when you believe it happen even if it is only a moment for life.
Dress: Blaque
Photographer: Floris Krelage
Muah: Carol Martins