Premiere: De Surprise

 Sometimes as stylist, editor, model and blogger we not only go to shows, events and kind of things we also going to premieres from movies. Yesterday was it this kind of day (like you already saw on my instagram).

How this kind of days look like? Well if you know me a bit, you know I always have to shine in my own way. Being different & striking so people will stare at you and being impressed.Yesterday I went travelling to Amsterdam, after that my lovely makeup artist did my hair & makeup, fitting my dress, went to my hotel, had a great shoot (online soon), no time for dinner just on your way eating some bread and than finally by cap to the premiere! Click click click, look here, look here the photographers said on the red carpet(totally love this). Than while sipping champagne watching the movie...

The movie called; De Surprise is a Dutch romantic comedy by Oscar winner Mike van Diem with Georgina Verbaan and Jeroen van Koningsbrugge in the lead.Where the film is about would you ask yourself? Well think of a multimillionaire (Jabob) who has a misery life, until he meets his true love (Anne). Only their happiness get in their way because they have signed a contract where love is not accepted. Shall they ever come together? You have to see for yourself!

Definitely worth a look! From May 21 in the cinema.

''Sometimes dreams are only for a night, enjoy every moment before you know it is your the last.''
Always take selfies!
Thanx bebe Carol Martins for making me pretty!
Amazing movie!
Love my makeupppp!
You can be who you want, just because a ''dress''.