Wake up people

What is being free? Do we even know what freedom is? All the people who are working from 09:00 till 17:00 can we call this slavery? Little children who work more than 12 hours to make our clothes, for less than 1.00 euro do we think about this when we buy it? Or are we people to selfish and do we think only about ourself and being pretty from the outside? What is more important in this world; being pretty from the inside or outside? Well if you ask me perfection is a disease of a nation! I hear people say; well those kids are happy that they have a job, so they can eat and life. Do you call this living? Those kids needs to go to school and play right? Not working from birth till death, because we all know the past decide our future! But do we really learn the truth in school? Tell teachers and books or the true about history, about the government, media and kind of things? Why they don't use google and facebook in China? Why we have to pay with money? And what if they make more money, than we get inflation? Really people, this world has to wake up before it is to late. This girl you see, has enough of this world, the mind controling things... She decided to be free, real freedom! How you wanna die as a slave or free person? Think about it, make the change you wanna see in this world (before it is too late).

''Be the own freedom of your soul, life or die the choice is up to you. Maybe you only live once, make it the life you want. When regret comes it is already too late.''
The look: Top Judith van Vliet, Shoes Chris van den Elzen, Skirt Judith van Vliet & Accessories Chris van den Elzen.

Photographer Janell Ma