A little Fashionclash Diary

Hi hunzzz happy weekend! What you guys doing this weekend? Uhm... well there are so many things to do; shows, parties, festival, fashion week London, expositions and much more. Sometimes it is hard to choose what to do if you have so many options! I chose yesterday to go to Fashionclash in Maastricht, well okay it is not like a fashion week but really interesting to meet young, talented designers and people. For me it was the third time and you see they become better and better even more professional, even there is press all over the world (pretty cool for an event in Maastricht). I have to say; when you life in The Netherlands everything is mostly in Amsterdam, you can call this the city of fashion. But what if you life in the sud and you love fashion? Move to Amsterdam I hear people say... Mmm, I think this kind of events are pretty cool, because they think out of the box my compliments! I saw great collections and met great people with my beloved dog. Today another day, now I have to run to a shoot see you guys. Big kiss -M

''Think out of the box, even if people think you are crazy. All the genius people are.''