Call me your panther

Hi guys! Wow what a lovely weather today here in The Netherlands (finally I believe the Summer is coming). Today it is time for a totally different look, a bit inspired by Tupac. Normally I really don't like the panther print, because mostly it is a bit ordinary if you ask me... But this pants is really nice you can combine it in many ways, for example; you can make it very classy with a blouse and high heels or just boyish with a female touch like I did. This kind of pants you don't gonna wear daily, but it's an item that can make your wardrobe complete (if you style it well). Some people gonna like this look and some don't, well that's just the point of fashion! Not everyone has to like your look, if they only remember that girl in that panther pants I'm happy. It's all about your own style, let people stare and impress them even if it's in a wrong way.

 ''Behind every stylish woman is a story.''
The look: Pants Takko, Heels H&M, Green Jacket Zara, Top H&M, Bandana Vintage & Leather Jacket Takko.

Photographer: Jennifer Penders