Gypsy life

Happy new week guys! I say; hello Monday, hello sunny weather, hello new week with great new opportunities. Today we are in Amsterdam for a great new project (still a secret, but tell you more soon). Yesterday I had a great show from David Paulus, very colorful and innovatory, you know I love when people think out of the box! Deep respect for the people who dare to do this kind of things. Well today I wanna show you a totally different look, it reminds me a bit of the hippie times you know. We saw the hippie trend already back in many Spring 2016 menswear shows, for example Saint laurent & Gucci. Hipsters are also very trendy on the streets, we see it in many streetstyle reports back. Hippie people are free, they show their inner vision to the world with their baggy clothes, many colors & flowers. The lifestyle of the hippie focused on freedom, spontaneity, creativity and fun this you see all back in my look.

People always ask me why you don't have a lover? You don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend? You don't feel alone? Well no, I'm young and working my way up to the stars. From my childhood I always do everything alone, so I don't even know how it should be to have somebody all the time around you... Maybe people say I'm to selfish, mmm could be. Or maybe I'm just a perfectionist who is always looking for somebody better, who can handle my fashion life. I love travelling, meeting new people and just being free. I don't gonna life in my own prison, I'm sorry... I just feel like a free bird. And when you ask me do you believe in love? Yes I do, always did and always will!

''I don't wanna be alone forever, but I love my gypsy life. Sometimes a story has no end, because I still have the whole world in front of me. So I take the road to nowhere in my own. After we can make future plans.''
The look: Pants AnaAlcazar, Bikini Triangl, Shoes Nelly, Clutch Hip-E, Ring H&M, Watch Daniel Wellington & Top AnaAlcazar.

Photographer Marjon Sars