Happy July!

Happy July my Summer lovers! Today my favorite month start, well yes time flies when you do a million things... July is the month of my birth, this month I become 21. Haha sounds already really old (fun), at the end of this month I'm officially an adult. Well if you ask me age is just a number, we can feel how old we wanna be. When you have an old soul you can be an adult at the age of 13 or whatever, it is just how old you feel. Now I'm thinking what I wanna do with my birthday, maybe a big boat party? Or maybe celebrating my birthday in Ibiza, this sounds like a good idea right? Well I have still some days left to think about this... 

The days here in Holland are really hot and I gotta love it. Get Summer feelings; love is in the air and their are so many parties. The month July is always in the begin hectic with all the fashion week things, events, shows, shoots, but at the end from the month I always take holiday because we have to celebrate Summer. I wish it could be this weather forever. How to handle hot days? Just wake up early, work your ass off, then relax and take a lovely swim!

About this look: with a colorful dress we all can go wrong, but put the right boots, accessories and jacket (for the colder days or nights) with it and you get this effect. I really love the combination orange with blue, it is really striking but at the same time it gives us a stylish and fashionable feeling. What you think? Have a good day guys and don't forget to enjoy the sun. Work comes after fun.

"Write my name in the stars so you can see where I'm."
The look: Bomber Edith&Ella, Pearls Chanel, Dress Edith&Ella, Watch Daniel Wellington, Earrings D&G, Boots Edith&Ella.

Photographer: Marshall Curtly