Hell Yeah

Hi guyssssss<3! Sorry, sorry, sorry that I didn't post the last few days. Omg I hope you guys are not dissapointed in me:( You know this month June is so busy, the fashion weeks are coming, many campaign shoots, projects, filming and I have so many meetings... I'm busy with building up another company (yes another one, with a very cool concept). It is still a secret, but I'm really busy with it! So the coming weeks I have to travel to Istanbul, Paris, New York and much more. Really excited about it, but that's why I didn't blog... Sorry guys! Promise it don't gonna happen again! Because Supongo Estilo means a lot to me, it makes me the person I'm today. All the opportunities I get, places I come is with thanx on you guys. I wanna thank you all for believing and following me! What do we say to the haters? F$*k Ya@ See you those days dollls. One luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv X-M

Hell Yeah, you may hate or love I don't care anyway. Rockin my life my way.
The look: Cober Takko, Shoes Nelly, Short Takko, Necklace H&M, Cap CoolCat & Blouse Takko.

Photographer: Jennifer Penders