Pink Sunday

 Hi dolls happy Sunday! After a busy week full booked with shoots, shows, events, parties, meetings and much more I finally can say today I'm a day off... Almost forget how boring it is to be free haha (but sometimes we people need some rest and time for ourself). Well today I gonna spend some time with my family and friends, very important if you work in the fashion industry. Mostly we are in a daily rush, that we almost forget about the people who are really important. It's also good if we keep those things separated, work is work and mostly the people we meet here are not your friends even if they do like they are. One of the things that I don't understand, is that there are so many people who try to be someone else, act fake, or just hide themself... But we people are just beautiful the way we are, nobody is perfect, me neither... What is perfection? Does it exist? Or is it just a word that can be found in the dictionary?

About this look: today I was in a girly mood, pink is my favorite color from childhood till now and this look reminds me a bit of my Barbie times. I still love Barbie, I always did and will always do. Well maybe people think this girl never leaves neverland, or grows up, why we have to grow up anyway? 

The world is too big for little girls, but they still can run it if they follow their dreams & heart.            
The look: Jacket Edith&Ella, Shoes Zara, Necklace Chanel, Earrings D&G, Watch Daniel Wellington, Top Zara, Skirt Edith&Ella.

Photographer: Marshall Curtly