Strong wings

Hi guyssss! Omg I'm so sorry that I didn't post anything, I had so many problems with the internet in my house. You know at those days we are nothing more without internet, sometimes we forget about the things we could do without social media, a phone or just internet. Like spending time in the nature with your horse (being free), watching movies, running in the wild and just read some books or whatever... Well I had to do so much stuff, that I thought well maybe it is meant to be and just enjoy your ''free'' internet days. I had some shoots, parties, meetings, shows and much more to do anyway. Now I'm in my office again after running around to important meetings. Well guys I have a lot of stuff to show you, so keep tuned the next few days! You gotta love it.

About this colorful look: well if you know me, you know that colors always makes me happy. I love colors and mostly I always put some into my outfits. Today I was really happy and I wish that everybody could have this feeling... Just show the world your happiness! Well that's why I wore a colorful jumpsuit (you gotta love this one), one of my favorite leather jackets and some funny sunnies. What you guys think about this look?
Enjoy your weekend big Kiss -M

''Sometimes we people forget what freedom is. Stand up for your own freedom, even when it means to stand alone. Because often times the one who flies solo has the strongest wings.''
The look: Jacket Uzuri-couture, Shoes Nelly, Watch Daniel Wellington, Ring H&M, Sunnies Giantvintage & Jumpsuit Ana Alcazar.

Photographer: Marjon Sars