Thinking loud

Hi dolls! After a busy weekend I'm back home. Yesterday I had a nice show, some meetings and a party (we girls just should have fun). This week will be very busy, with some shoots styling jobs, acting and some interviews (look forward already)! Today I wanna show you guys a look that we did shoot a few days ago. Gotta love this dress, you can combine it in so many ways (lalalala love it)! To complete this look I wear a new bikini top, one of my favorite coats from Colmar and a metallic clutch. What you guys think about this look? Today I was a bit sad, that's also why I put many many colors into this look (to make myself happy) :).

Sometimes we miss people so much even if we don't know where they are hidden, what they are doing, or if they just still remember you... Shall they even think about you? We only see those people when we are sleeping, in our dreams. We all know sometimes it is better to let some people go, sometimes it is better to forget them even if is it really hard. Well this lady was thinking out loud, why we did met in life? Shall I look for him or just let it go....

''Sometimes we only meet people in life to learn a lesson, if we learn this they leave.''
The look: Coat ColmarOriginals, Shoes Nelly, Ring H&M, Bikini Triangl, Dress Ana Alcazar & Clutch Hip-e.

Photographer: Marjon Sars