12x Summer Tips

Hi Summer vibes! Here in The Netherlands it is hot, but really really hot. You know always when there is sunny weather people complain; omg it is to hot or please give me rain. Well the weather we can not influence, that's why we have to deal with it. How? Follow the Summer tips:

1. Don't waste your time with sleeping on this sunny day. Wake up early, work your ass off, relax and take a swim! Have a good day🏊

2. Book a short trip to Ibiza.
3. Take it easy, first things first and we have to enjoy the Summer. Remember how much work you did in the rainy days.

4. Buy that statement sunglasses where everybody is talking about (shopping is always a good idea).
5. Put off your phone and say to everyone that you are on holiday (well you not really lie right);).

6. Wear white or pastel, this keeps skin nice and cool (if you wanna end your day in a horror wear black)!
7. Focuss yourself on the social media, this we can do on our ipad in the sun or shaduw. 

8 Buy the hottest bikini ever, boys gonna ask; who is that girl?!
9. Surround yourself with people who has a boat or swimming pool.

10. Be flawless & Sexy! Go out at night, Summer nights are the best to find love (or just an one night stand). <3
11. Life's a beach.

12. Don't forget to drink many cocktails at night, we all love drinks. That's why we have to enjoy the sultry summer nights (no story every started with someone eating a salad).

Enjoy the Summer vibes guys!

 "Summer is the best time of the year, enjoy it with whole your heart and make it a time to remember. Be wild, crazy and last but not least free!''