Always a lesson

Hi guys after a long week it is finally weekend! Hope you all are being well. Today I'm in my office for a styling job and some preparations for the coming week. Tomorrow it's time to dance at the Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam. I saw already many video's and pictures, so I think it would be fun:). What you guys being up?

Now about my outfit: this look I wore during the Amsterdam fashion week. It is a bit risky, but at the same time glamorous with a sexy touch. Well I think woman shouldn't hide their body, if it is not in an ordinarry way. We don't go to gym for nothing right? I'm a bit pissed up, because my skin burned and I wanna go to beach... Pff haha. Well today there is no time to go to beach anyway, have to pack my suitcase and do a lot of office work while everybody is enjoying the sun (fashion life).

''A dream is never forever, mostly things are only an illusion or lesson.''
 The look: Coat AnaAlcazar, Necklace AnaDyla, Shoes Michael Kors, Top AnaAlcazar, Bag Hip-E, Skirt AnaAlcazar.

 Photographer: Amaury Miller