Fashion lights

 Hi guys here a short post from me! Today I gonna show you the first outfit that I wore the first day during Amsterdam Fashion week. Yesterday I felt a girl who wanna shine the whole night, but I had a little problem... I have seen too much sun the last few days, so I burned I little.. That's why I wore a beautiful red dress (girls in red are fabulous, mostly), with coat. I think wearing only one earring is gonna be trendy this season, just to make your outfit complete (throwback from the 50's). Today I don't know yet what to wear... Maybe a dress, skirt, or suit? What you guys wanna see? Sometimes it's hard to choose if you have to many outfits to wear haha. Sorry now I have to run again, meetings, hairdresser, makeup and then off to fashion week. After some parties and filming a new film which goes into premiere in December. Have a good day hunzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
Love -M

''Remember always shine your light, nobody wanna live in his own shadow.''
 The look: Dress Ana Alcazar, Shoes Zara, Clutch Hip-E &Coat Ana Alcazar.

Photographer Gaston Wals