Happy 21TH Bday girl!

Hi party dolls today is my 21TH bday! Where else than Ibiza should I celebrate this?! Always said to myself, when I become 21 I wanna have a big big party at Ibiza and here we are:)! I'm so excited and happy today, you only become once an adult (haha, but I always stay a child in my heart). Wow... can't believe I'm already 21, time flies always so fast! How older you become how faster it goes.

In one year can happen so much! I worked my way up to the top and I'm still on my way to achieve my dreams. If you should tell me at my 20th b-day all the things I did in one year, I wouldn't believe it. It was a real roller coaster with many dreams that came true. At the moment I can't say how lucky I'm. For my age I did so many things where I'm really proud (sometimes I believe I'm dreaming) and do you know what? I'm still working my way up to the top, to make my dreams come true. Well I'm ready to rock my 21 age, let's begin a whole new journey. My wise words for this age; dream, work your ass of, believe only in yourself & always think pink.

'' A dream is a wish your heart makes. Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling  through. No matter how your heart is grieving. If you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true. ''

Happy 21th bday to me!
 The look: Top Zara, Necklace Chanel, Skirt Salon Bonbin, Earrings D&G & Shoes Dresslink.

Photographer: Marleen Serne