Lost and found

Hi fashionistas! After some really busy hours full of shoots, meetings and more I found some time to write this post. Hope you all are enjoying the sun with friends on the beach! Sometimes people need, sun, good food, drinks and beach :) (well I only dream about it at the moment, but who doesn't dream doesn't archive). Today I wanna show you guys a look that we photographed a few weeks ago. If you know me I always love dresses and skirts. I'm not a big fan from trousers, well okay sometimes... But prefer skirts and dresses. When I found this dress I was totally in love! You can combine it in many ways, for the rainy days I put a jacket from Colmar with it. Blue and pink is a perfect combination if you ask me. What you guys think about this look?

Now a little story; go back a few years ago when I met a really nice guy, maybe the nicest guy I ever met. He was handsome, sweet, gentle and well just everything a normal girl dreams of. I ask him why he didn't had a girlfriend (maybe he was gay I thought), than he told me he doesn't believe in really love. My first question was why? He said a person is constantly changing in life, we never feel or look the same for someone. Where was that based on? His ''real love'' broke his heart with someone else, after that I was done with love, he said... ''Just enjoy the persons you meet, but never fall in love with the wrong one it can break your heart forever''. I hope he can found his love back one day, but maybe he was right....

'' I was hoping you would come back for me. Just like lost and found. If you never came back I need someone to deserves me.''
The look: Bag Hip-e, Coat ColmarOriginals, Dress AnaAlcazar & Top Triangl

Photographer Marjon Sars