Shoot: Memories

Good evening guys! Today I wanna take you back in time with a shoot that I did a few weeks ago... Sometimes it is good if you see old pictures, it can take you back in time just like memories. Some memories are forever, but some we will forget after a while. That's why I love pictures so much, always when you see those pictures you fly back in time, to that moment. You know; we don't remember days, we remember moments. Those moments can't change, even if people do! 

Today I'm busy with shooting and some fashion week preparations. Thursday Amsterdam fashion week start again and I have to do many things before it. Aww I looking forward to the fashion week rush already. What you guys being up? Even when I'm in a little ''holiday'' mood, I have to do a lot! I'm also planning a lovely trip to somewhere, even I don't really know where I wanna go. Just a place I never been, meeting new people, get some inspiration, sun, beach, parties, many drinks and just having fun haha. Do you have suggestions?

''Memories fill our minds like thousands of bright stars in the sky.''
Photographer: Ian Freelance
MUA: Megan de Pagter
Hair: Eva Weidner