Summertime sadness

Hi guys sssssssssss happy Saturday! I say it's time for weekend:). Well the weather here in Holland is to cry for... All the time rain and heavy wind (really hate this kind of weather). The weather is one of the things we people can't change... That's why I just booked a trip to Ibiza! Because next Friday it's my 21th bday and I wanna have a BIG party and where else should we go then Ibiza? Nowhere right... Ibiza is the city of the best parties (look forward already). But before we go, we have to work hard. First work then pleasure. What are your plans?

Now about this look: normally I don't really wear trousers, well sometimes, but today I thought it is cold so I gonna give you guys some Fall inspiration. Skinny jeans are always good, if you wear it with some boots or nice heels. If you know me you also know that I always love fur (yes really fur), combine this with a statement animal print bag, a good blouse and you are ready to go!

''Kiss me hard before you go, Summertime sadness. I just wanted you to know that you'are the best baby.''
The look:Top AtosLombardini, Earrings D&G, Bag AtosLombardini, Blouse AtosLombardini, Shoes Edith&Ella, Trouser AtosLombardini

Photographer: Marshall Curtly