Tips how to survive fashion week?

If you ask me almost every little girl, dreams of seeing one day a show at fashion week! Well not for all of us is this meant to be... But for a few of us it's! And what do we do when it is finally that time? During the last few years I saw/ learn many things at all the fashion weeks I have been. Here are a few tips:

1. Never ever wear twice the same outfit! You don't want that people think you only have one outfit (cheapass).

2. Always take a taxi, mostly we fashionistas wear expensive clothes or even clothes that or not from us. You don't wanna be ruined in the tram or metro. There by all the taxi moments are magical.
3. Take your own photographer with you! During the runway shows we can't take our own pictures (well maybe with our phone), this is really stressful. We have to do so many things during a show, social media, writing a report, seeing the new trends and blablabla...

4. Find brands and designers who wanna sponsor you. How cool it's to support great people and help them growing their brands? Wear during a fashion week day, twice another look with your own touch (you don't wanna be a store doll).
5. Don't forget your business cards at home (first impression is always the most important).

6. Never ask for a +1! Totally not done this kind of questions, even if your best friend ask you please take me with you? Do they think you are a ticket machine?

7. Take extra battery with you for your phone and never forget that notebook (just in case).

8. Go to all the great parties! Here you can make great connections, meet your favorite models and all the important fashion people. Enjoy this, but don't drink to much (you don't wanna have a hangover or bad image).

9. Always be fashionably late, shows always start +- 20 minutes later ( it also looks like you have a busy schedule even if you don't).

10. Be kind to everyone, even to the fake people! The fashion branche is small, you never know when you guys gonna meet up.
11. Take sunnies with you (you don't wanna be blind after all the fashion lights).

12. Be a person who people will remember,  be irreplaceable, one must always be different.
13. Take rest after all the fashion week hectic, plan a little holiday?

14.Always have your own makeup & hair stylist, by a good look you need to have great makeup and hair (you feel like a real star).
15. Just enjoy mostly it is only a moment for life.

                                                               Big kiss -M