Real Freedom

Sometimes girls like me only dream about freedom. Did you ever had the feeling that you are a prisoner in your own prison? Well most of the people have, but they don't dare to tell this anyone. Why? Maybe because they are scared that people think their mind is crazy...

How come that we sometimes feel like we are part of somebody's master plan, just like slaves? Maybe because of the daily rush? When we go back in time there was not something like a clock or mirror. Or maybe because we work, get money but don't even have time to spend it?

If we go back in time when we didn't had phones, social media etc, so what did we do in the train? In the streets? Or just when we are waiting? In those times we were more connected to each other, we just made talks with random people. Meeting new people is one of the most beautiful things in life right? We can learn from everybody who cross or path in life. What would happen when there is no more nature or clean water? Or when almost all the animals are deserted? Or when people change in robots?

''Mirror, mirror won't you realize? I just have to decide to be free. Follow the light.''
The look: Shoes Zara, Glasses Giantvintage, Belt Dresslink & Dress Ana Alcazar.

Photographer Marleen Serne