Respond people!

Hi fashionistas happy sunny Sunday:)! The days are getting busier here, today I had a great show and tomorrow we gonna start with a busy week schedule. On Wednesday or Thursday I fly to Milano for a great project and some preparations before September fashion week (so excited can't wait)!August is always a busy month, because if you know September is one of the most important months in the fashion industry. Just like Anna Wintour said; you either know fashion or don't.

Now about this look: this look is a little bit more sturdy then you guys saw the last few times... I don't know, but the lately time I feel really girlish, wearing beautiful dresses or petticoats. I always dress how I feel and today I felt really colorful, but also sturdy and as a ''sweet'' ghetto chick (fun). We also gonna see this kind of trousers more and more next season, so guys put back those skinny jeans!

''People respond well to those that are sure of what they want.''
 The look: Trouser Frontrowshop, Jacket Choies, Top H&M. Necklace H&M & Shoes Gucci.

Photographer Marleen Serne