Tips: back to work/ school?

The Summer is almost over... All the good things must come to an end! We have to go back to work, school or whatever. Bye bye lovely beach, sun, cocktails, parties and much more. But hello it is not the end of the world? Sometimes good things come to an end, but that doesn't mean that the never come back. What if every day was holiday? Then we would get bored right? Here are some tips to survive the daily rush:

1. Book your next trip
We people always need something to aspire.

2. Subscribe to the gym
Staying healthy and fit is not only important for our body, but also for our mind.

3. Stay focused
If we don't have a focus, we never achieve our goals.

4. Shop new clothes
We definitely need to steal the show on the streets. Streets are our own runway.

5. Get a new coiffure
A new coiffure means a new start in life.

6. Plan nice things in the weekend
Weekend is for fun, enjoy this. Be wild.

7. Love your job
If you don't love your work, you never gonna be lucky. If work doesn't feel like work, then you have the right job. If not? Find a new one, you don't wanna be your own prisoner in life.

'' If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.''