Get loose

Hi guys happy Monday! Even if the Summer is over here in Holland, we have (probably the last) sunny days. Today it is time to show you one of my latest Summer looks. Oh gosh I always feel so lucky when the sun shines, it gives me my dosis vitamin D! Today I have a shoot, some meetings and a fitting for Paris fashion week. What you guys doing?

About the look: like you know I love feminine looks, dresses, skirts, beautiful heels, just everything that shows the body from a woman in the best way:). You also know that I love combine colors! If you ask me pink and green can be a perfect combination. For this look I choose a statement dress, with a Colmar jacket and my favorite butterfly heels. Classy with a sturdy touch. What you think? Now I have to run... Keep it short today.

''Never lose yourself. If you lose yourself, you lose it all.''
 The look: Jacket Colmar, Dress Ana Alcazar& Shoes Dresslink.

Photographer: Marleen Serne