Roc the light

Hi fashionistas happy September! The holidays are over and we have to start over again, but memories are forever. Summers are the best period to make great memories, what can let us deal with the daily rush in life. Here we are running from place to place, Paris, Milano, Amsterdam, Antwerp, full of castings, shoots, meetings and filming. What you guys being up?

What can I tell about what I wear today? Well let me think, today I was more in the colorful mood, with a dark touch. This outfit is wearable, but still outstanding. Long skirts we gonna see often this season, just like the flared trousers (no more skinny jeans, hide it in your wardrobe)! The fringes trend is also totally back from being gone, so choose those fringes in your bag, accessories or clothes. What you think about this trend?

Better get ready cause I'm not gon' stop, stop, stop
All this hating on me need to go and find a job
No subliminals, you worry about my biz
Worry about your business *-*
The look: Skirt Takko, Coat Primarkt, Shoes Valentino, Bag Primarkt, Top Takko  & Earrings Lily-Accessories.

Photographer: Jennifer Penders