Running crazy

 Hi dolls! After some horrible rainy days I thought it would be time to show you the funny side of rain (well I also first didn't know that rain could be fun), but sometimes rain can be fun! For sure if you plan a ''funny/ crazy'' rain shoot. Just being crazy, wild and running all the time. Or a photographer have to ask me this twice? No never, also ladies like to be crazy and yes sometimes I'm! Mostly we have to be serious during a shoot, that's why I really like this one. Do you know what? I really like my crazy side. ''We always have to enjoy every single moment in our life, we never know when it ends...'' 

The look I wear is just simple, normally I really don't like rain coats... But I like people who smile when it rains! This Happyrainydays raincoat we can combine in a million ways, I just choose to put on a jeans, some metallic shoes and to complete the look my favorite metallic Hip-e clutch. What you guys think?

''Sometimes our worst nightmares help us to achieve our most wanted dreams.''
The look: Coat Happyrainydays, Shoes Keds, Bag Hip-e, Jeans G-Star.

Photographer: Evelien Wolters