Sweet dreams

Hello fashionistas! Live from Antwerp I write this post. After a whole day shooting I'm back in my hotel? Well yes sometimes girls need a beautiful office to get inspiration from like a beach or something, but well today I'm not that lucky... ''Just like they say: ''Sometimes in the waves of the sea we find our true direction.'' Or: '' Never let your memories be greater than your dreams.'' The sea and the beach gives me always a feeling that I'm free. You can always find yourself back on the beach. The sea and sun gives us always much energy, my worst nightmare? Waking up and not being at the beach..

Now about this look: today I wanna show you a skirt that is very trendy at the moment, you can combine this kind of skirts in a million ways. Also those kind of crop tops are nice, even when you combine it with a jeans or just white pants (the all white trend from 2014), for the final touch I choose my gold flats and a belt. What you guys think?

"Never let anyone tell you what fashion is, fashion is showing your own identity. Because of fashion we can be whoever we want. Dress to impress.''
 The look: Shoes Zara, Top Ana Alcazar, Belt H&M & Skirt Ana Alcazar.

Photographer: Marleen Serne