Tough Girls be like

Hi dollsss happy Friday! After a busy week, full with preparations for Paris fashion week, Berlin and much more I can almost say it's time for weekend. Well tomorrow I have a big shoot planned, but after a party. Girls need to have fun right? Mostly we work harder then hard, that's why we need sometimes crazy parties to get new energy from. Sunday I have a shoot and show as well and next week I'm gonna be really busy, with Paris fashion week on the schedule! Oh gosh get really excited at the moment. What you guys being up?

Now about my look: this look is tough, with a glamorous and sexy touch. This season is imitation leather very trendy; it can look stylish, but also expensive. Do you know what I really like? To make cheap things look pricey! We can all buy brands if we have money, but we can't look them more expensive then they already are. Style you have or not simply as that! It's not about a price, or brand it is just all about how we style things, how we see things and which inspiration we have. For me style is showing your thoughts without saying something. Well guys wish you all a wonderful weekend. 

 -Much love-

''Sometimes we have to choose between different dreams, which one would be the best? Which one is meant to be? Which choice should I make? Always believe in yourself and follow your heart. If you follow your heart and feelings you find out that every dream can be achieved. Dream, believe and do.''
The look: Coat CoolCat, Shoes Fashionchick, Bag vintage, Dress Primarkt & Watch Woodwatches.

Photographer Jennifer Penders