4x Trends during fashion week

September is one of the most important months in the fashion industry (well all the real fashionistas, already know)! London fashion week is in full swing and first it was time for New York fashion week. Not only during the shows we see many trends, also the streets are real runways with all the streetstyle stars. 

Which trends we saw? 


Suits are always a good idea, for sure if you are in London and you choose the tartan print! We totally love it. What about you?

2.Go for comfy:

Now the days become colder we not can wear all the time beautiful dresses... We also all know that fashion weeks are really hectic, you have to run from place to place and sometimes we have to take the metro or tram. That's why heels are not really comfy, but no problem this season we can just choose the comfy trend!

3.Disney prints:

Be honest, who likes growing up? Nobody right... That's why I always say, be crazy and show your wildness when you was a child. Growing up is a trap! This season we can go for the animal prints, choose it in your jeans, bag, accessories or wherever.

4.Statement piece:

During the fashion weeks we see a lot of people ''overdressed'' that's why I say; just choose a statement piece. Make a statement with one striking item. Let the rest be clean. 

''Don't be overdressed let it look like you didn't care, but in a fashionable way.''