It's getting cold

 Hi dollssssss happy weekend! Hope you all had an amazing week. This weekend I can finally enjoy a bit and take some rest. Today I have another shoot and some meetings, but after I'm totally free. Do I still remember what it is to be free? Well probably I don't! Looking forward already. Next week I go back to Germany for some work and after back to Paris. What you guys being up?

It's getting colder and colder here in the Netherlands, when I came back from Paris it was really tough. I wore there dresses without a jacket and here we need to wear fur coats, warm clothes, beanies or a sweater. Cozy weather you can say, time for red wine or just hot chocolate!

Today I choose an outfit that we photographed a few weeks ago, when it was really rainy and cold. I always love fur coats, because it can be a statement piece. To make this look complete I choose my metallic backpack and my metallic shoes. It's comfy and warm, perfect for the period of this year. Have a lovely weekend guys.

''Some periods in life are only for a moment, after we fly back to another one.''
 The look: Jeans G-Star, Bag Hipe-L, Coat ColmarOriginals & Shoes Keds.

Photographer: Evelien Wolters