Rollercoaster life

 Dolllllssssssssssss! First I wanna thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post, it means a lot to me. After I wanna thank you all for the lovely emails and messages that I got during Paris fashion week, totally feel blessed with my life and this all with thanks on you!

The last few days I was living in a rollercoaster, just like I say: ''It's like a rollercoaster you are working till the moon is shining, glitter, glamour and gold , you are on top of the world''. First I was running in Paris for the fashion week, after I went back to Amsterdam for some business and then I went to Germany for some shoots and shows (like you already saw on my social media), then back to Antwerp and tomorrow I will be back in Paris... Yes at the moment I'm living from place to place, plane to plane and just in a rollercoaster. Everything is going really fast, but I try to enjoy every single moment from it. You never know when it's over!

The look you see here is really glamorous. If you know; I love fur and colors so I put my new fur jacket together with the same blue heels. The snake print is totally back this season, so I choose a beautiful Ana Alcazar dress that you can combine in a many ways. What you think about this look?

''Enjoy every single moment from your life, you never know when it's over.''

The look: Dress Ana Alcazar, Bag Versace, Earrings D&G, Shoes Fashionchick & Jacket Newdress.

Photographer Marjon Sars