Be like snow

We all live in our own fairytale, even if you don't believe in magic...

 How we fall in love with someone? What is the meaning from love? Why do we meet people in our live? And why do things not always happen as we planned? I hear mostly; everythings happens for a reason, probably yes, but every door we open is our own choice right?

Mostly life is not easy, people cheat on us, break our heart or worst leave us for another beloved one. Imagine a world without wars, broken hearts, fights and all bad things in this world, just peace and freedom. I truly believe in karma; what you give is what you get. Everything we do in life comes with a price, maybe not tomorrow or the day after, but one day you will find it out. If we do bad we get bad.

I can give you one advice; believe in magic, but remember nothing is for free, so for everything we need to pay a price. Take care with what you wish for, because before you know it's to late and your heart become as ice just like snow white. We all know love is the most beautiful thing in life, but also the most painful. Love is free, but all magic comes with a price, only a true loves kiss will break any curse!

Be like snow; beautiful but cold
The look: Skirt Vintage, Gloves Karl Lagerfeld, Earrings D&G, Top Triangl VintageVintage, Fur H&M, Socks Vintage, Shoes Alysa.

Photographer: Thom de Ruiter