Ciao see you in Milano

 Hi fashionistas! If you guys read this I'm on my way to my next trip and this time we fly to Milan. Milan always feels like home, I'm so in love with this city. It is already some weeks ago that I was there for the last time, so this girl feels totally happy at the moment! What you guys being up?

The next coming days I have some important jobs like; great campaign shoots, press days, events, expos, meetings and of course some parties. Girls need to have fun after working hard!

Now about this look: this look is classy, feminine and represented a strong independent woman who don't need someone in her life to be lucky. We all die alone at least right? Well now I gonna run see you all in Milano!


''I see my life as art, as an artist you never feel that you completely satisfied a day. Perhaps one day we will, if it's our last.''
The look: Jacket Ana Alcazar, Shoes Primarkt, Necklace Chanel, Skirt Ana Alcazar, Bag Balenciaga & Earrings Chanel.

Photographer Marleen Serne