It girl

 Hi guyss! Greets from Amsterdam, after some busy days at Milano we are back! Today it's time to show you a lovely shoot that we toke at the Amsterdam Centraal station. You know those kinda shoots are the best, you don't know which background you will take or if it even works out! It always gives me so much energy, totally love my work and life! Feel blessed every day.

Now about this look: this look is really wearable, but also feminine and easy going. For the colder days those kinda jumpers are perfect, I prefer blue! To make my like complete I choose a skinny trouser and an animal print bag. What you guys think?

''I'm not a princess, I'm a queen. I can handle things in my own way and I don't need you.''
The look: Trouser Ana Alcazar. Shoes Primarkt, Bag Hipe-L & Jumper ColmarOriginals.

Photographer Evelien Wolters