Let's talk classy baby

Honey Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Happy Tuesday, a new week means a lot of new things coming this way. I think every day means a new change in your life, full with new opportunities and wishes. Do you know what? Every day we can archieve our wishes, if we work hard enough for it!

Now about this look:
Yes sometimes girls like me love to be classy and glamorous, but some people at the street look at me like; who is that arrogant bitch? Sorry? Excusez moi? Clothes tell us the story how we wanna be that day, it depends on our mood, inspiration, thoughts and dreams, but it mostly never tell us something about our inner self...

Today I show you my new favorite handmate dress, made by my lovely designer; Francisco Navarro! Did you see the back? So beautiful! To make this look complete I choose my new lovely bag by Pauls Boutique (make sure you guys check out the site, they have all the bags girls can dream of)(welcome heaven)! The only touch it needed was some accessories and my neon heels. What you guys think?

''Being classy we can't buy, it's the same as being elegant. You have it or not.''
The look: Bag Paulsboutique, Earrings Chanel, Dress Francisco Navarro, Pearls Chanel Shoes Valentino & Fur Chanel.

Photographer: Thom de Ruiter