Happy 2016!

Dear fashionistas! Today is already the last day of 2015 and we all know time always flies when we are having a good time. Wow what a year... I think this year was for me the best... All my dreams came true, well maybe more then only my dreams. I never thought I could achieve all of my wish list, but yes I did... At the moment I'm a very happy little girl!

Sorry for not posting that much the last few weeks, I was so busy with all the preparations for 2016 because there is so much coming this way. The last period I only was travelling and working, you can't imagine. It was like the song; glamorous. Flying first class, having the best hotels, meeting the most gorgeous people, enjoying the best parties, much fun, but most of it working hard, really hard. 
In 2016 Supongo Estilo is becoming much bigger, my team  and me are working hard on a lot of new things; big things coming in 2016! All the fashion weeks are coming in January and we are organising many things, I also gonna get my own brand and lots of other things (but those are still a secret). What are your plans in 2016? Guys I can tell you one thing: stay tuned Supongo Estilo is gonna change in a very good way, so stay tuned for more.

 If you don't make plans your dreams never come true, always work hard for what you want and never let people tell you that you can't. Because if you believe in yourself everything is possible. Believe, achieve and dream, because a dream is a wish your heart makes.
 Photographer: Mariam Stuur 
Muah: Jane Van Dijk-Zieltjes
Clothes & Accessories: Blaque