Don't waist my time

 Hi pretty dolls happy Tuesday! Today we are working really hard in the office, to preparate the things for the coming weeks... Think of; making schedules, phone calls, planning meetings, photoshoots, writing articles, social media and much more. Sometimes my head is becoming crazy, do you know the feeling that you always wanna do to many things in a to short time? For me 24 hours a day feels like 1 hour... Always wanna do so many things, mostly I never got the feeling that I'm ready. '' The greatest gift you can give someone is your time. Because when you give your time, you are giving a portion of your life that you will never get back.''

We always worry about time, what is time? How much time do we have in this life, does it depends on which doors we open, which people we met or which life we supposed to live? I always ask myself those questions. Sometimes we meet a person in our life what we love, or where we care about, but we are never sure that this person is worth our time. Mostly we meet people to learn a reason (or more), but how do we know if we have to let them go or keep them?

''Only do things that are worth your time, all the things that are worth are taking time.''
The look: Jacket Coolcat, Skirt Vintage, Shoes Alysa & Top TrianglVintage.

Photographer Marleen Serne