Private life

Hi guys happy Thursday! After a full week with a hectic program I'm back home for one day, so I can finally see my family. If you live a life like me it's always hard to make time for your loved ones... Mostly you are on the road or in a plane, make long days, less sleep and you don't have many time to see your family or friends. This doesn't mean they are not important, contrariwise they are the most important! Even if you don't see them that much you always take them in your mind, heart and wanna make them proud. In the fashion business you don't have real friends, business and friends you have to keep private!

Now about this look: today I felt really classy. The snake print was totally trendy this fall/winter! This is one of my favorite statement trench coat, it's classy and very feminine. To make my outfit a bit more sturdy I choose a fake leather trouser, an easy white blouse (you can combine with everything) and my favorite red heels. What you guys think?

''The more of your private life you put into the public domain, the smaller your private life becomes.''
The look: Jacket Ana Alcazar, Blouse Takko, Shoes Primarkt, Earrings D&G, Bag Balenciaga & Blouse Takko.

Photographer Lars Schulinck