Say yes!

Hello people how you been? My week was pretty busy, with a lots of shows, meetings, shoots, dinners and much more... Sometimes a girl like me lives in a rollercoaster, we work day & night until the moon is shining. People mostly never understand how this is, working hard and having not that much time for family or friends. But well it's part of the job, you know this when you start with it. If you ask me what is the most important in life? That's loving yourself and your work. Some people only think about earning money, having a house and children, but the most important in life is being free and lucky. What's the point of having it all without freedom? Nothing right...

Now about this look: today I felt glamorous, but in a boyish way. I combine a statement eye print trouser, with a classy twist; a blouse and a leather jacket. I choose some high boots for a sexy touch,  earrings & my favorite Bas Kosters bag to make the outfit complete. What you guys think? 

 ''If you say no I will say yes.''
The look: Trouser Esther Haamke, Earrings D&G, Boots Givenchy, Jacket Noir Near Future, Bag Bas Kosters & Blouse Noir Near Future.

Photographer: Amaury Miller