Closer than yesterday

Say hello dollssssss! Hope you all had an amazing weekend, with much & love! Here we had such a hectic week, that we had to stay in the office the whole Sunday (yes sometimes we bloggers don't have that fashionable life you always think). But finally I'm going to see my mum and sisters again with a lovely dinner (looked forward the whole week)! What are your planns tonight?

Now about this look. The last weeks I had so many shoots, I didn't now what to post anymore... I also  get so many packages from brands, designers and online shops that I didn't know which one I should choose at the first place. But well today I wanna show you my favorite statement bag from: Saquebeirut. I think a girl never has enough bags right? '' The only BS we need are bags and shoes.'' To make my outfit complete I choose my favorite Eksept by Shoeby skirt + vest. This season it's totally trendy to combine the same prints with each other (so go for it)! Do you like my look? Don't forget to tell me why!

''Not there yet, but I'm closer than yesterday.''
The look: Bag Saquebeirut, Skirt Shoeby, Heels Primarkt, Earrings D&G, Blouse Vintage & Vest Shoeby.

Photographed: team Supongo Estilo