London girl

Hello Monday, means hello new look! Today it's time to show you guys a totally new style, inspired by the London street style. The last few days was not possible to post a blog, sorry for that guys! I was in Istanbul for business and some pleasure (like you already saw on my instagram and social media). Did you ever visit Istanbul?

Now about my look: long trench coats are totally trendy coming Spring/ Summer (we saw this already in shows as Givenchy and Gucci). Combine this with a long trendy skirt, a crop top and some nice pair of heels. This season it's very trendy to combine the same colors with each other and to make some statement in your accessories (for example your shoes or bag). Do you guys like this look?

Have a lovely week! One luvvvvvvvvvvv -M

''If you need an answer for something that happens in your life, go back in the past and find the solution.''
 The look: Coat AnaAlcazar, Bag Hipe-L, Top AnaAlcazar, Shoes Primarkt & Skirt AnaAlcazar.

Photographer Lars. S