Fashion is art?

Happy Monday sunshinessssssssss! After such a busy and important week we are back online. Sorry for not posting over here, I feel ashamed:$... Last week was so busy that I didn't even had time to sit down and write a post! Then you would ask yourself where she was busy with? Well I was closing some great deals and started with many new projects. Besides of that I was running from place to place and shooted many new collections. Yesterday my mum and sister came to visit and celebrate together my luck. Today I'm back in the office working on all the new things that are coming this way. What are you busy with?

After not visiting Paris for a couple of weeks I get homesick, but I found some of the best pictures that we made during Paris fashion week last season! This makes me happy and reminds me of all the love that I feel when I'm in Paris. If you ask me what fashion means: I always say my life and the most beautiful art of life. For me fashion is something no one has to understand, it's a way to express yourself, your emotions, your dreams and thoughts without saying something. For me art is the most important thing in life. Without fashion I couldn't exist. Art is not what you see, but what you make others see!

'' If people ask me what is fashion? I always say the most beautiful art on earth. First I dream my outfits and than I wear my dream.''
The look: Dungarees Zara, Bag Saque, Blouse Chanel, Socks Vintage & Coat Noor Mulders.

Photographer: Lars. S