Good girls go bad

Good afternoon loverssssssssssssss happy Friday! After some busy days I'm back online. Today I wanna show you an outfit that I wore during the Paris fashion week last month. You could ask yourself why should she post it now? Well because I always think the best is for last! During the Paris fashion week so many people post their looks that you are overloaded with what you see. That's why I always choose to keep the best looks as last, because who is gonna post now about the fashion week? No one right?! 

Today it's a beautiful day, still a bit cold but the sun is shining. I feel sturdy, but at the same time sexy and a bit childish. That's why I wear my favorite Bas Kosters Jacket, skirt and top! Happy, outstanding and very fashionable. I have to tell you that not everyone would understand or love this look, but I wasn't Michelle if people don't stare and talk about me! To make this look complete I choose my favorite high booties, D&G earrings and a metallic clutch. What you think? Hot or not?

''If a man expects a woman to be an angel in his life, he must first create heaven for her. Angels don't live in hell.''

The look: Skirt, top and jacket Bas Kosters, Boots Givenchy, Bag Hipe-L & Earrings D&G.

Photographers: Lars.S and Sapeur